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Chemicals for Paper Industry




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Antifoam agents



Nexfoam PA 47

White waters and waste waters

Fatty alcool

Nexfoam PA 70

Stock and white waters

Block polymer

Nexfoam NW

Stock and waste waters

Oil based

Nexfoam HE

Stock and waste waters

Adduct of fatty alcohol alkylene oxide

Nexfoam SD 10

Waste waters

Organo-modified polisiloxane in emulsion

Internal sizing agents


Nercoll AKD series







0,5 to 1,5% for woodfree paper

1,0 to 4,0 % for groundwood and waste paper

Addition point: in the area of thin stock,between mixing pump and sorter



Cationic AKD emulsions









Nercoll RX 50



Sizing agent of fortified and soponified resin acids


Nercoll B 630

Discontinuously into the Pulper or in the mixing chest. Continuously in the mixing box or level box

Sizing agent emulsion of fortified resin acids

Wet strength agents

Sintoren VHP 200

1 to 7 % with metering pump after stock refining and after sizing if present

Crosslinked poliamyde resin

Dry strength agents

Sintoren AL22

0,5 to 2% in thinstock or thickstock, not directly together with anionic or cationic additives

Low molecular weight polyacrylamides

Retention aids

Nexret RT series

Fan pump

Cationic polacrylamides in powder

Nexret CL series

Fan pump

Cationic polyacrylamides in emulsion

Nexret AL series

Fan Pump

Anionic polyacrylamides in emulsion

Trash removers/ cationizing


Nexret PR series

Nerklar series

Stock and white waters


Polyamines in water solution

Organic resins in water solution

Surface sizing agents

Nersize HP

1 to 5% in size press

Slightly anionic acrylic copolymer

Nersize KV

Cationic acrylic copolymer

Antiscaling agent for Pulp production and vacuum circuits

Sintoren OX 1

In pulper or vacuum circuits

Low molecular weight acrylic and maleic copolymer

Dispersing agents

Nerdisp series

 Slurries, coating preparations

Special low molecular weight polyacrylates

Flocculants and dewatering agents

Nerflock series

Waste water treatment and sludge dewatering

Anionic and cationic polyacrylamides in powder and emulsion


Nersan Bio LM

Defoclean PMCT conc.

Defoclean OTV

Whiter waters

Water based emulsion of natural substances with high dispersing performances




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