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Chemicals for Tanning Industry




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Water Proof Agents









Chemical Character


Nexopol WP/1

7 ± 0,5

50± 1%

Synthetic ester with Hydrocarbons

Water Proof Uppershoes 6-10 %

Water Proof Garment 8-10 %

Water Proof Split 8-10%

Nexopol WP/2

8,5 ±0,5

50± 1%

Synthetic Fatliquor

Water Proof Uppershoes 6-10%

Water Proof Garment 8-10%

Water Proof Split 8-10%

Nexopol WK

7,5 ± 0,5

50± 1%

Emulsion of natural and polymeric resins

Water Proof Uppershoes 5-8 %

Water Proof Garment 6 - 9 %

Water Proof Split 6 - 9 %




Wet Part Chemicals

Soak Lime

Delime Bating Pickel Tannage

Retannage Agents

Retannage  Resins  - Fillers

Sulphonated Oils

Emulsified Oils

Raw Material Oils

Sulphited Oils

Water Proof Agents


Final Touch Oils


Chemical for free chrome leathers


Finish Part Chemicals

Polyacrylate Dispersions

Base Coat Compound

Polyurethane Alifatic Dispersions

Protein Binders

Additives Waxes

Additives Matting Agents Fillers

Additives Touch Modifiers


Solvents Compatible Finish

Stucco Agents

Polyurethane in Solvent



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