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Chemicals for Waste Water Treatment Industry





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Waste water treatment is one of the biggest problems of our modern society. Water is indispensable for the industry and also for the population living in ever growing cities. As fresh water resources are becoming shorter and shorter it becomes a must to clean the water used by the industry or for civil purposes before putting it back into the natural circle.
First of all it must be clear that products for waste water treatment can only be used if there is a treatment plant.
There are two major categories of water treatment plants and precisely the plants for chemical-phisical treatment and the biological ones.
Generally speaking, we can say that chemical pollution is eliminated with chemical treatment, whereas pollution from organic materials must be eliminated with a biological treatment.
The chemical treatment is carried out in order to precipitate heavy metals and suspended solids and generally consists in the adjustment of pH and in the dosing of iron or aluminum salts and the consequent precipitation of hydroxides.
In the biological treatment, organic substances are oxidized and mineralized in presence of particular species of bacteria.
In some important plants there is also a so called third stadium in which phosphates are eliminated. Also in this case the treatment is with addition of iron or aluminum salts.
In all these treatments there is a production of precipitate or sludge that must be eliminated and this may happen by burning it, discharging it or in less most fortunate cases reutilizing it. In any case the sludge must be concentrated or dewatered and these process is carried out with mechanical devices as centrifuges, belt presses or chamber presses.
SESN products can be used in all the mentioned treatments and they are often very important to improve the yield and the duration of the process.
Hereafter we report the most important SESN products for the different treatment:

Chemical Treatment Plants



It is an entirely organic cationizer and coagulant that can substitute, al least partially the inorganic salts (polyaluminumchloride and iron chloride). With its action of ionic exchange, TILLFLOCK PR 6 coagulates suspended substances without the formation of  metallic hydroxides. The sludge volume will in this way remarkably decrease with important savings in the sludge digestion or discharging. TILLFLOCK PR 6 also has a relevant decolorizing action.


It is a product with similar characteristic of the above reported, but with a mixed organic/inorganic nature. It has the advantage that, particularly in small plants, it can be used as unique coagulating and flocculating agent.


It is a solid anionic polyacrylamide normally used in strongly diluted aqueous solutions in order to increase the flock dimension and accelerate the sedimentation speed, particularly of metallic hydroxides.


Defoamer with a very wide action spectrum.


Biological Treatment Plants



It is a liquid polyacrylamide that can be used to accelerate the sedimentation of biological sludge in case of particular problems (bulking) or for underdimensioned plants.
A possible use of TILLFLOCK PAAM 20 is in the organic sludge thickening before sending it to anaerobic digestors in order to diminish the sludge volume and to increase the stay in the digestors, imcreasing in this way their yield.

NERFLOCK CP 30,  CP 50,  CP 70

Solid cationic polyacrylamides used as conditioning agents in the mechanical dewatering of organic and mixed organic/inorganic sludges.


Defoamer with a very wide action spectrum. It is biologically degradable and, properly used, does not influence the bacterial life of the plant.




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